Surgical & Medical

Improve patient outcomes with leading technologies and products from REM SYSTEMS. We supply surgical and medical professionals throughout Australia. Our extensive range supports almost every hospital department and some products are used in homecare.

In addition to supplying current products, we’re known for developing innovative new products for emerging needs. If you have a need for medical equipment that the world has yet to see, please get in touch. We frequently collaborate with leading surgical and medical suppliers to meet unique requests from medical professionals like you.

Haematology and oncology

Cytotoxic protective wear, cytotoxic IV delivery systems, syringe drivers, IV filters, IV sets, IV needleless connectors, IV pumps.

Home healthcare

IV delivery systems.

Intensive care

IV sets and extensions, IV volumetric and syringe pumps, arterial pressure monitoring and arterial catheters.

Intravenous (IV)

Our medically trained staff are experienced in helping you select the appropriate products for you and your patients. We have filters, extensions, burette sets, blood sets, IV ports, IV sets, needless IV ports, syringe and volumetric pumps, securement devices and stopcocks, connectors and sets.

Neonatal and paediatrics

Enteral feeding systems, syringe drivers, IV pumps, needless IV connectors, IV comprehensive minibore and microbore extension tubing.

Pain management systems and anaesthesia

IV/blood extension sets, epidural sets, needleless IV connectors, IV catheters, patient gel positioning devices, arterial pressure monitoring, non-latex syringes, infusion and syringe pumps (multi-purpose), filters, stopcocks and manifolds, pressure monitoring systems, PCA sets, ET tubes


Cytotoxic compounding accessories, filters, syringe fillers, transfer spikes and sets, chemosafety mats, protective gowns and gloves, additive cap seals, dispensing syringes and caps.